Baby Talk: The Difference Between Burp Cloth and Bibs

Statistically, an estimated average of 350,000 babies are born every day all over the world, and many of them are born to first time moms and dads. Being new parents can be quite scary, knowing you will be raising little, fragile and vulnerable angels. A lot of questions starts to arise and without proper advice on baby essentials, you can go crazy. To ease you out on some of these dilemmas, below is a brief discussion about two things that are usually interchanged by some of new parents, even old ones – the difference between burp cloth and bibs.

Burp Cloths

Newborns have not developed their ability to burp yet. And it is important to help them expel ingested air, especially after feeding. Otherwise, they will have a colic, which is very common among these little ones if they are not burped properly. Infant colic can be painful and irritating, which can lead to non-stop crying that can aggravate the condition. As parents, it is essential to learn how to burp your baby effectively. There are various ways to do this, find out which is most comfortable for you and your baby.

In relation to this, burp cloths can really come in handy. It is unavoidable to have some stomach contents expelled during burping, some refer to it as vomit, but the proper term for it is wet burp. Always, always place a burp cloth over your shoulders, lap or arms, depending on the position you choose to burp your baby. This is essential not only to protect yourself from the mess of a wet burp, but more importantly to protect your baby from dirt and harmful pathogens that may be attached to your clothing. The best burp cloths are made from quality materials, that are sure to benefit you and your baby.


Bibs are very handy to have especially if your baby starts teething and eating solid food. Teething babies have massive drool or dribble, sometimes you might even wonder where all those fluids came from. There are a wide variety of bibs offered in the market today. A few of these are bandana or novelty bibs, these can be used for basic drooling or dribble, but not as much protection. Usually they are aesthetically pleasing that’s why they are bought. Scarf or neckerchief bibs on the other hand, are good during winter months, it keeps babies dry because most are made of waterproof materials, while an added cotton layer, keeping them warm during the cold months. But the best one is still the sleeved bibs. These have wide coverage keeping them more protected and dry.

Normally, at 6th months, you can start introducing solid foods to your babies. This is the time you will be faced with the enormous mess. Food jumble, rumble here… there… everywhere… At this point, an economical, functional, quality and baby friendly bib is your best friend. A medical food grade silicon bib is the best option during this stage. It protects babies’ clothing from stains, it is made from waterproof material, easy to maintain and very safe for baby.

I know, you will definitely agree that burp cloths and bibs as simple as they are, these are two of the best inventions by humans. They make parenting a lot easier. So don’t fret on the mess of parenthood, remember, having a child is the most wonderful experience you’ll have. Make your little angel a safe, happy baby.

Tips and Tricks on protecting your infant’s teeth

A newborn is the proudest moment of all parents. This is a happy time for a family that just added a new member. While, it is a great moment for your family, this is a delicate time for an infant.

Infants require so much care while they are at this stage of development. Immunization and normal baby care activities is the responsibility of their parents. Even, infant dental care is important once the baby’s first tooth pops out.

Clean teeth is important so that your baby doesn’t get damaged teeth as they continue to develop. A sterilized soft cloth can serve as your baby’s first toothbrush. Use your finger to slowly dap on the tooth to make sure you don’t do anything harmful to it.

You can also schedule a visit to a dentist so you can consult on whether what you’re doing is right. Dentists can also give you information on whether your infant is ready for a toothbrush to replace the washcloth.

There are those that wait for several teeth to come out while others will suggest to start using a toothbrush until their 2 years old. We have some general information to help you with your infant’s tooth care.

  1. There are toothbrushes for babies with have super soft bristles to be less harsh on their teeth. A quick soak in a cup of warm water will help to make the bristles of your baby’s toothbrush even softer.
  2. Toothpastes are full of fluoride even if they’re especially made for babies. Use a really small amount, a thin streak of toothpaste should be enough to clean their teeth. Add more toothpaste as your infant becomes a toddler but until then stick to a small amount.
  3. Tooth care should be done once your baby wakes up and right before he/she goes to sleep.
  4. When cleaning your baby’s teeth, start by cleaning the tough molars at the rear end of their mouth. It is where cavities form first and you should be able to protect them from it right away.
  5. An infant’s toothbrush should be replaced quarterly to keep it clean and have less wear and tear. Avoid mixing up toothbrushes when using them.
  6. Flossing can be done if you find that there are teeth growing side by side. Don’t use a floss string. A good alternative will be sticks with dental tips which is less risky on your baby’s teeth. Take extra care when flossing your child’s teeth.
  7. Don’t hesitate to use flouride supplements if recommended by your dentist. It will help in taking care of your child’s teeth. It’s a naturally occurring chemical that will keep their teeth strong even at a very young age.
  8. Look for toothpastes that are good for babies. This can be found on the manufacturing label. These are regulations set by your country’s dental organization to keep tooth care safe and effective.

One of the best recommendations for your infant is to start paying regular visits to a dentist six months after their first tooth shows up. These dental orthodontists will look for problems with their teeth and correct them right away.

Baby Care Tips For You And Your Baby

hands-1176673_1920The baby’s mother is a very busy individual on the earth. The baby care tips are made to put some discipline into your daily schedule. The baby care suggestions will prove to be beneficial to you and your baby and help you get back to normal life.

There has been a great deal of talks on breastfeeding relying on where you exactly reside in the world. Many of us live in a society where we have great freedom of choice and we have to allow all the right to opt what is perfect for them and their baby. It is the common awareness that there are many benefits of breastfeeding for mother and baby and this is important for baby care. The first drink of breast milk by the baby contains antibodies that assist the babies in making their immune system strong and it is full of protein and fat that assists the babies to increase their weight in the initial days.

Breastfeeding actually assists the uterus of the mother to contract fast and this is quite amazing when you ponder about it. There are many positive aspects of breastfeeding to baby care. When you feed your baby with a bottle, ensure that the bottles are clean and sterilized in a proper manner. There are several makes of bottle sterilizers that are accessible in the market nowadays. There are some of them that can be placed in the microwave and some will sterilize all through the day and you will have neat and clean bottles available when you require them.

paternity-633453_1920You need to check the ingredients and search for those which consist of good bacteria for the gut. Ensure that you purchase the formula best for the age of your baby. You need to go through various books regarding how to place your baby to bed.  The most pivotal aspect is to make your baby comfortable, warm and safe. You need to utilize your common sense in baby care and do what is perfect for you.

The summer clothes for your baby have to be light cotton ones. You need to ensure that the head of the baby is covered and is not directly under the sun. One important aspect of baby care is to remember that sun cream is important even if your baby’s skin is dark. You have to keep in mind that in case there are diapers, you can access them with ease when you are out.

You will find that some facilities are small and you would not want to spend ample time there. You should not change the diapers on a regular basis. Your babies will make you aware in their own way about this fact and you can check their bottoms in every three hours’ time. In this way, you will come to be aware of the toilet habits of your baby and adjust it.

You have to take immense care of your baby daily and make sure all the things are in proper order so that your baby is happy.